cPanel Price Increase & Your Options


As you may have heard yesterday, cPanel announced new pricing for all its clients which has sent shockwaves across the entire industry. The price increase could be huge for some customers with some expecting several hundred % increase to their license costs.

Whilst at this time we will offer our VPS clients to continue at the new pricing if they wish, it’s very likely that we may see mass cancellations of licenses and customers move to other control panels resulting in us stopping providing cPanel licenses and terminate our partnership with cPanel.

This does not affect our shared hosting customers however it is very likely we will no longer provide cheap annual plans.

New cPanel Pricing from 1st September

One thing to note is that we have never charged a significant premium to our costs on cPanel licenses, enough to cover our payment processing fees and a little bit extra. We will continue to do the same.

We will charge the below from 1st September for all clients with VPS licenses, as per cPanel’s new pricing structure.

“Admin” – Up to 5 cPanel Accounts – £11/month

“Pro” – Up to 30 cPanel Accounts – £16/month

“Premier” – Up to 100 cPanel Accounts – £28/month
– Additional Accounts at £0.10/account

cPanel have slightly modified the pricing and released another update on 5th July:

Paid Alternatives

We will try assist clients who wish to migrate to other control panels if they prefer. The easiest way would be for us to issue new VPS for clients to setup and move sites over to.


We have been offering DirectAdmin for a long time, there have been no significant issues with using this and they have recently updated the client UI as well. We continue to offer this as one of the recommended alternatives and we only charge £5/mo for our VPS clients.

There are several conversion tools which allow clients to back up and restore from cPanel to DirectAdmin, we are currently testing these out (eg.

Update 28/06 – DirectAdmin have released a new forum post on converting accounts:

Order License:


Whilst we have not rigorously tested InterWorx, it has been recently recommended on forums such as WebHostingTalk. We are currently looking into the possibility of offering this option to our clients.

Free Alternatives

We will update here shortly. There may be some excellent free alternatives for those with small number of domains to use!

Submit ticket to support if you would like to discuss your options:

This post was written with inspiration from Steadfast.