Copy of email initially sent on Tue, Nov 3, 11:01 AM to all affected clients. Hello, We regret to inform you we have decided to close the Sweden location on 15th November, this is partly due to low (new) demand and there are no extreme benefits over our UK/NL location which has excellent connectivity.  As the […]

Check out our new plans here! We are proud to announce our all new SSD VPS plans powered by KVM virtualisation in all our primary locations (London, Amsterdam, Ashburn & Los Angeles). The new plans have replaced our previous HDD KVM VPSs and existing clients will be migrated over in the coming weeks. Our SSD […]

We have successfully completed migration of thousands of VMs across 5+ locations to OpenVZ 7 from 6. Whilst majority of the VMs were migrated without any issues some clients (<1%) had to either start from scratch with their own backups or manually move data across. Going forward whilst we will still continue to offer OpenVZ […]

As you may have heard yesterday, cPanel announced new pricing for all its clients which has sent shockwaves across the entire industry. The price increase could be huge for some customers with some expecting several hundred % increase to their license costs. Whilst at this time we will offer our VPS clients to continue at […]

As you may know already, OpenVZ 6 will no longer be supported towards the end of the year (Nov 2018). Many hosts are working like us (hopefully!) on migrating customers to new OpenVZ 7 based nodes. Here we share the key differences between the old and new OpenVZ version. Customers can read our announcement on […]